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Big Cosmic Energy is a pop astrology online brand created and designed by author and journalist Valerie Tejeda. Wondering what your sign's traits are? How to use your sign to understand yourself and others better? Your sun, moon, and rising placements? That's Big Cosmic Energy's area of expertise! BCE is here to talk about the characteristics of each sign, what makes them tick, and encourage you to embrace it all!


Val’s been obsessed with astrology since her teens years and still to this day asks people, “When’s your birthday?” when she first meets them. She’s an astrology analyst who specializes in "big 3" birth chart reports and has studied the personality traits associated with zodiac signs as well as psychological astrology for over a decade. She also has a bachelor's degree in psychology. Her sun sign is Scorpio. She's got some exciting things in the works for Big Cosmic Energy that she can't wait to share! 


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