Big Cosmic Energy is a pop astrology digital brand created by Valerie Tejeda—an author and astrology writer with a BA in psychology and certificates in astrology and music therapy. Wondering what your sign's traits are? How to use your birth chart to understand yourself better? Your sun, moon, and rising placements? Best crystals? How to use the cosmos as a tool for insight, inspo, and self care? And how to use tarot for self reflection? These are Big Cosmic Energy's areas of expertise! 

Val’s been obsessed with astrology since her teens years and still to this day asks people, “When’s your birthday?” when she first meets them. She’s has spent over a decade studying astrology all through the lens of better understanding ourselves and others and as a tool for insight, inspo, self-empowerment, and self-care. Her sun sign is Scorpio.

Want to learn more about astrology and self-care? Val's got two books on the topic: Self Care by the Moon and Self Care by the Signs. The first, a self-care guide teaching you how to use the moon and its "magic" to live your best life, and a second guide tailored specifically to the astrological signs and seasons. Both are written and narrated by Val and published by Audible Originals!


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